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ConSurf Job Status Page - FINISHED

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Job number and title:

Job number 1496496325, titled: Gal4 transcription factor in yeast (3COQ:A) - Gallery

Running Parameters:

   PDB ID: 3coq
   Chain identifier: A
   Multiple Sequence Alignment was built using MAFFT
   The Homologues were collected from UNIREF90
   Homolog search algorithm: HMMER
   HMMER E-value: 0.0001
   No. of HMMER Iterations: 1

   Maximal %ID Between Sequences : 95
   Minimal %ID For Homologs : 35
   150 sequences that sample the list of homologues to the query.

Phylogenetic Tree
   Neighbor Joining with ML distance
Conservation Scores
   Method of Calculation: Bayesian
   Model of substitution for proteins: Best fit

Run progress:

    • Extract sequence from PDB file
    • Find sequence homologs
    • Align sequences
    • Select best evolutionary model
    • Calculate conservation scores
    • Project conservation scores onto the molecule

Running Messages:

ConSurf calculation is finished:

Warning: 10 of 89 residues have unreliable conservation scores due to insufficient data in the multiple sequence alignment

Final Results

PDB Files

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Sequence Data


      Alignment details
      The average number of replacements between any two sequences in the alignment;
      A distance of 0.01 means that on average, the expected replacement for every 100 positions is 1.
      Average pairwise distance : 1.2677
      Lower bound : 0.0326902
      Upper bound : 2.388

Phylogenetic Tree

Project ConSurf scores on the protein most probable assembly

RasMol Coloring Scripts

PDB Files

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