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Create a high resolution PyMol figure for 3COQ_PISA1.PDB Chain: A

It is recommended to create a new directory where the attached files will be saved.
Please note: For all PyMOL commands, you should type absolute paths for the files you are about to download, from their new location (on your computer).

You may view your protein colored according to conservation scores with a unique color for positions of low confidence cutoff. If this is your preferred option, please choose option 1(a). Otherwise - choose option 1(b).
Click HERE for more information regarding confidence cutoff.

  1. Download the PDB_FILE updated with ConSurf's colors.
    (a) PDB_FILE showing Insufficient Data
    (b) PDB_FILE hiding Insufficient Data
  2. Download the file consurf_new.py [or the color-blind freindly version: consurf_new_CBS.py].
  3. Start PyMOL.
  4. A. Load the Consurf's modified pdb file (not the original pdb file that used as an input)
    In the PyMOL viewer window type:
    PyMOL>"load PDB_FILE" (no quotes) and hit return.
  5. B. Run the script to define ConSurf's color; Type:
    PyMOL>"run consurf_new.py" (no quotes) and hit return.
    PyMOL>"run consurf_new_CBS.py" (no quotes) and hit return.

    Note: Please don't forget to write the path of the script file unless the script file is located at the pymol's root directory.

Act on identical chains:  A  B