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Create a high resolution PyMol figure for 2VAA Chain: A

It is recommended to create a new directory where the attached files will be saved.
Please note: For all PyMOL commands, you should type absolute paths for the files you are about to download, from their new location (on your computer).

  1. Download the PDB_FILE updated with ConSurf's colors.
    PDB_FILE hiding Insufficient Data
  2. Download the file consurf_new.py [or the color-blind freindly version: consurf_new_CBS.py].
  3. Start PyMOL.
  4. A. Load the Consurf's modified pdb file (not the original pdb file that used as an input)
    In the PyMOL viewer window type:
    PyMOL>"load PDB_FILE" (no quotes) and hit return.
  5. B. Run the script to define ConSurf's color; Type:
    PyMOL>"run consurf_new.py" (no quotes) and hit return.
    PyMOL>"run consurf_new_CBS.py" (no quotes) and hit return.

    Note: Please don't forget to write the path of the script file unless the script file is located at the pymol's root directory.